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Fleet Management Systems: Maintenance

Verizon Networkfleet helps to lower costs and streamline the maintenance process with automatic reminders and service records that are fully integrated with Networkfleet’s GPS fleet tracking and engine diagnostic monitoring system.

  • Eliminate paperwork via online vehicle service tracking and other maintenance management capabilities.
  • Set proactive reminders for oil changes, tune-ups and other preventive maintenance activities. 
  • Lower repair costs and extend the life of vehicles by automatically tracking all service records, including maintenance performed, date it was completed, and the service technician.
  • Monitor automatic engine diagnostic alerts to identify little problems before they become big ones, helping to minimize more expensive roadside repairs.
  • Analyze comprehensive service record reports to optimize fleet health and lifecycle maintenance management.


Fleet Maintenance Made Easy

A well-maintained fleet is more efficient fleet. With Networkfleet you can:

  • Cut costs
  • Use less fuel
  • Minimize vehicle downtime
  • Lower greenhouse emissions
  • Extend the life of your vehicles

Networkfleet takes the hassle out of fleet maintenance.

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