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Looking for some practical ideas on using vehicle tracking systems to improve your fleet’s performance? Then check out our free library of downloadable eBooks! These short, concise guidebooks provide a wealth of information to help you solve today’s toughest fleet management challenges. From reducing fuel usage to improving driver safety and fleet maintenance, you’ll find the tools and techniques you need to lower costs, boost productivity, and operate your fleet more efficiently.

Cover of survey report with taillights of fleet van

2015 Fleet and Vehicle Management Survey Report

What do today's fleet professionals think of GPS tracking technology? More than 1,100 business owners, fleet operators, and general managers participated in a recent survey regarding their biggest fleet management challenges – and how they use technology to solve them. Read all of the 10-page results now.

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Cover of telematics insights ebook with man on road calling for help

Use Telematics Insights To Help Improve Driver Safety And Efficiency

The most efficient fleets are those that ensure their drivers operate safely. Advanced telematics solutions - including GPS tracking hardware that can be installed across your fleet vehicles – can help you safeguard both your drivers and your reputation.

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Image of man working on engine with laptop to cut costs and maintain the fleet

Use Engine Diagnostics to Cut Costs and Maintain Your Fleet

Onboard diagnostics provides up-to-the minute readings on critical engine and vehicle performance data. This ebook will help you understand how onboard diagnostics can help you save time and money in many areas of your fleet, including lowering fuel and streamlining maintenance processes.

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Dazzle Your Customers With Great Customer Service eBook Cover Image

Use GPS Tracking to Dazzle Your Customers with Great Customer Service

For many private and public fleets, getting to the customer location or job as quickly as possible sets the tone for the whole customer service experience. This eBook will help you understand how GPS tracking provides the tools and data you need to deliver faster, better service.

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Improve Fleet Performance Driver Behavior eBook Cover Image

Improve Fleet Performance by Changing Driver Behavior

Operating your fleet isn't just about managing vehicles; it is also about the people who drive them. This eBook covers driver safety, idling, unauthorized use, productivity, fuel use, and how to coach and reward drives.

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How to Use Telematics to Control Fleet Costs eBook Cover Image

How to Use Telematics to Control Fleet Costs

This eBook covers the range of costs of running a fleet and how GPS tracking diagnostics can help you reduce the cost. More and more fleet operators are turning to telematics as an effective solution for managing their fleets with limited budgets.

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Efficiency eBook Cover Image

Use Telematics to Manage Your Fleet More Efficiently

Operating an efficient fleet requires more than having well trained drivers and well-tuned vehicles. This eBook will help you understand that optimized fleet performance requires the ability to make smart decisions about how to utilize your people and your vehicles. And that begins with having a dependable GPS tracking system.

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Get the Most out of GPS Tracking eBook Cover Image

Get the Most Out of GPS Tracking by Communicating the Benefits to Your Drivers

If you're considering a GPS vehicle tracking system for your business or public agency fleet, you probably know it's a powerful tool for controlling costs and improving fleet productivity. Yet, despite the many potential benefits, you may worry about a backlash from drivers who don't understand the advantages of these systems. See how to get your driver's acceptance now.

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Discover How to Boost Fleet Productivity with a Telematics Solution eBook Cover Image

Discover How to Boost Fleet Productivity with a Telematics Solution

GPS vehicle tracking systems provide fleet operators with a powerful tool to help cut costs and operate their vehicles more efficiently. But there's another benefit to a telematics solution that's often overlooked – improving productivity. And not just with your drivers, but throughout your entire fleet. Download this eBook to learn more.

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How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Transform Fleet Management eBook Cover Image

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Transform Fleet Management

If you employ a fleet of vehicles – whether five, 500, or 5,000 – you've likely heard of global positioning system (GPS) vehicle tracking technology. This innovative "telematics" technology can transform the way you manage your fleet, resulting in significant cost savings, productivity enhancements, and other operational improvements. Learn more with this eBook.

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A GPS Vehicle Tracking System for your Business eBook Cover Image

How to Select a GPS Vehicle Tracking System For Your Business

A GPS-based vehicle tracking system can be a highly effective tool to help lower costs and manage your fleet more efficiently. But with so many different systems to choose from – each with a different array of features, functions, and benefits – how can you determine which will best fit your business? Discover how with this eBook.

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Green Fleet Management eBook Cover Image

You Can Control Emissions and Costs with Wireless Fleet Management

You can help the environment and reduce fleet expenses at the same time! Learn how to reduce idle time and speeding, improve vehicle maintenance, and implement other fleet management techniques that can save you money while shrinking your environmental footprint.

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Six Steps to Cutting High Fuel Costs with Verizon NWF eBook Cover Image

Six Steps to Cutting High Fuel Costs with Verizon Networkfleet

You can do something about the high price of fuel – by using a GPS fleet tracking system to generate significant annual fuel savings. Topics include techniques for minimizing common fuel wasters such as speeding, excessive idle time, inefficient routing, and unauthorized vehicle use. 

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How To Protect Your People eBook Cover Image

How to Protect Your People, Property, and Profitability with a Wireless Fleet Management System

Managing a fleet involves a certain amount of risk – to your drivers, your vehicles and your bottom line. Learn how to protect your business from financial loss by using a GPS vehicle tracking system to reduce accidents, deter vehicle theft, and more.

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How To Control Repair Costs eBook Cover Image

How to Control Repair Costs, Reduce Vehicle Downtime, and Streamline Your Maintenance Process

A well-maintained fleet is an efficient, productive fleet – but it doesn’t maintain itself. This eBook offers practical ideas and techniques for lowering repair costs, reducing vehicle downtime, and keeping your fleet in top operating condition.

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How To Get More Done With Less eBook Cover Image

How to Get More Done for Less with a GPS Fleet Tracking System

Labor costs often represent one of the biggest expenses in the fleet operations budget. You can reduce those costs and get more work done by using the techniques outlined in this eBook to improve driver efficiency and productivity. 

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Managing Government Mandates eBook Cover Image

Managing Government Mandates - How Verizon Networkfleet Can Help to Meet Your Fleet Optimization Goals

Today’s government fleet managers face a wide array of fleet management challenges. This eBook will show you how to optimize fleet performance and productivity in order to contend with shrinking budgets and meet or exceed government regulations on fleet size and emissions. 

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Maximizing your Verizon NWF Return on Investment ebook Cover Image

How to Improve Your Fleet Management System Return on Investment

How do you get the most of your Networkfleet system? Browse this handy eBook for useful information on everything from getting employees on board with the system to using Networkfleet to manage resources, create employee incentives, and track your return on investment.

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